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Zapsi Monitoring

Zapsi Monitoring is an important part of our system.
By using this monitoring, we can predict system failures, that shouls be caused by CPU throttling, memory "overconsumption", or low disc space.
We also use this tool to monitor every component of our system, so we can continuously improve specific parts of software, that need it.


Zapsi and Docker, it's done

All necessary services are now running in Docker.
Everything was tested on Linux, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. In the meantime, we are heavily testing Google Cloud platform, to decrease CPU demand, disk write I/O and database communication. Cloud function will be available in 2019.
In general, this step will hugely improve the speed and reaction time of the system.


Zapsi goes Docker III.

Today we announce a new software: State Server. This software allows our customer to recalculate statistics and charts when certain specifications are met.
Software works fully automatically, ready to run in Docker.


Zapsi goes Docker II. (cloud included)

Three months are gone and ... 2/3 of applications are updated for Docker.
We are also working on a cloud implementation, which will be ready in 2019.


Book Recommendation III.

I hit an interesting book, just at the right time of my vacation. And of course, it has something to do with computers.
If you want to broaden your knowledge not only about !how computers work", but about "how they should work", grab this book


Zapsi Machine Learning

By the end of this, a new Zapsi System module will be available. This module will focus on planning your production.
Whole module is based on machine learning, so by installing this module, you should improve your machine efficiency, shorten time doing planning production and improve reaction time, when unexpected things happen.


Zapsi Touch 15''

We are expanding our portfolio with a new touch display.
Device has 15 inch display, industrial ethernet, industrial power connector and two USB ports. RFID reader is included in price.


Zapsi goes Docker

We tested Docker and we are so thrilled, thatwe decided to create our whole solution "the container way".
But, what does it mean for you, our customers?
Speed of the whole system is increased, noticeably. System starts faster and runs faster. Moving whole system to another server is piece of cake and the structure of system is simplified. This change is planned by end of 2018.


Zapsi 6 OLED

We don't rest on ours laurels and keep improving our hardware and software.
This year we will introduce our sixth iteration of Zapsi device. The biggest improvement will be integrated OLED display to show device temperature, ip address and more.


User defined machine states

There is a new feature in our system: user defined machine states. Whole system is updated to use these new states in all charts and tables. You can therefore expand three basic system states (production, offline and downtime) with your own. For example: if you want to see "Breakdown in red color", now you can.