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Zapsi Machine Learning

By the end of this, a new Zapsi System module will be available. This module will focus on planning your production.
Whole module is based on machine learning, so by installing this module, you should improve your machine efficiency, shorten time doing planning production and improve reaction time, when unexpected things happen.


Zapsi Touch 15''

We are expanding our portfolio with a new touch display.
Device has 15 inch display, industrial ethernet, industrial power connector and two USB ports. RFID reader is included in price.


Zapsi goes Docker

We tested Docker and we are so thrilled, thatwe decided to create our whole solution "the container way".
But, what does it mean for you, our customers?
Speed of the whole system is increased, noticeably. System starts faster and runs faster. Moving whole system to another server is piece of cake and the structure of system is simplified. This change is planned by end of 2018.


Zapsi 6 OLED

We don't rest on ours laurels and keep improving our hardware and software.
This year we will introduce our sixth iteration of Zapsi device. The biggest improvement will be integrated OLED display to show device temperature, ip address and more.


User defined machine states

There is a new feature in our system: user defined machine states. Whole system is updated to use these new states in all charts and tables. You can therefore expand three basic system states (production, offline and downtime) with your own. For example: if you want to see "Breakdown in red color", now you can.


Book recommendation No. 2

If you enjoy the book "Code" and like to broaden your knowledge in terms of "how computer works", get this book.
Code was a great entry into this problematic and Computer Systems is a "must have" book and goes as deep as possible.
It is not an easy book and it takes time to read and understand, but it IS the best book I have found, yet.


Electric comvector

In 2018 we are planning to continue our work on a special kind of electric convector.
The reason is, we developed a method, that will save up to 70% of electric energy with the same heat output. And yes, we respect first and second thermodynamic law.
And yes, something is kept in secret.
If you like to know more, send an email to zapsi@zapsi.eu with a subject named ELECTRIC CONVECTOR.


Zapsi OTG

There is one more thing about Zapsi X. This thing is called OTG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_On-The-Go
If your machine is equiped with an USB port and can save data to inserted flash disc, you can now insert Zapsi connector right in.
The benefit is obvious, no more running from office to machine for data, the data are automatically downloaded and saved on server.


Alarm Server Update

One part of our system manages email alarm messages.
Imagine an email, that apperas in your inbox, when "productivity is below 75%", or another email like "power consumption is more than allowed".
We can set email alarm by combining any data in our system, and this email is sent, when the combination is matched. Or when time has come, like "grand overview every monday".
New version can send PDF file, that is generated from all the data you can find in our system.


Beacons and Zapsi

Zapsi can of course collect all your production data, but Zapsi can also inform about different production conditions.
We use LCD panels, email alarms and beacons as tools for this information.
You can, for example, see classic green-orange-red machines state vividly in the production hall. But thanks to connectivity with other zapsi devices, you can (for example) red-orange blink the beacon for one minute, if the operator needs an electrician and green-orange, if he wants a shift leader.
Generally, we can set the beacon the way you want it.


Zapsi 6 is coming

Our development team is not asleep
Zapsi 5.1 is finishing its final stage and will be ready in October.
The biggest thing is a new processor, which allows faster data processing and expand Zapsi possibilities in term of connected devices.


Bird's eye View

As Zapsi informational value is growing, and more and more stuff is appearing on ZapsiWeb, we decided to go the other way.
If you want, you can find your personal graphical view of the data, that you want. The way you want
If you like to see the floor plan with some important data, if you like to see a specific statistic, that meets your needs, please contact us.


Develop software faster

Today's note will be a little different. We like to inform you about a software we use when developing UI and software logic.
Software is called AdobeXD you can see the result here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/145829b3-9fdb-42c7-94d6-fe00c285d7d3


Oracle communication

Are you using SAP in your company? Or another Oracle-based system?
We can help you with comparing machine data with "your system" data, if this is the case.
Our software Oracle Server can handle bi-directional communication, so there is no need to have (for example) users in two different places.


PLC communication

Does your machine have as Siemens S7 PLC? Does it have an Ethernet card? If so, we can connect your machine directly into our system. Everything you can "see on a machine LCD" can be stored in Zapsi. You can see the status of the machines from your office and you can, of course, dig deep into historical data.


Cooperation with Logistic Academy

On April 20th, we lecture at workshop in Bratislava. This workshop was held by a company named Logistická akademie with cooperation by Vzdelávacie a konferenčné centrum INTENZÍVA, s. r. o.
The topic of the workshop was simple: benefits of machine monitoring.
Workshop was not focused only on technical aspects, but mostly on practical benefits for different kind of people (owner of factory, director, shift leader, etc.).
We like to thank all of the participants and we look formward to see you again.


Communication with ...

One of the most common questions we get asked, starts something like "And can you connect to our system ...". And the conversation continues with a name of a system, that specifici customer has.
Every system has to store data somewhere. And our goal is to know where and what is the structure of data. With a help from the system developer.
In 99% of times th system works with a database, as seen on picture. If your system "runs" on this database, we can communicate with it.


Oncoming Zapsi Web update

There will be a huge update for Zapsi Web in next two months. This update will be focused on data presentation.
Charts will be reworked, new charts will be added, left menu Workplaces will be reworked (see screenshot) and brand new menu "Dashboard for managers" will be added. More details in upcoming days.


Zapsi Visit - visitors under control

When visiting our customers, we noticed, that many companies are still using pen and paper for registering their visitors.
We tried out to find out, why, and we found out that..
- it is the cheapest solution
- it is the fastest and easiest solution
- it is the most understandable solution
But it has also few problems: if you want to find something quick, it is not easy. And for example, a task like "show me all records of our visitor Mr Jahoda" is a task for few hours.
That's why we decied to develop a simple, fast, easy to use and understandable program, that will alow you find everything you want as quickly as possible. And with excel export..
We named it Zapsi Visit: register your visitors.
Software is now in beta testing and will be available for download by April 2017.


So this is how ZAP works

Robin went on a trip to Holland. He is going to attend an inline skating competition. Ideal opportunity for testing our new device ZAP: battery stamina and proper roaming function.
Robin took 4 devices. After arrival the battery stops at +-20% with a distance of +- 1200km. No problems with roaming - see the picture.
An easy calculation gives us about 1500km for one battery cycle.
And of course, we are heading for a double test: the way back.


We donate blood

It is always nice, when one influences other people for good things. We, who work for Zapsi, donate blood. So it is possible, we will met each other, but not for business.
If you want to know everything about donating blood, but were afraid to ask.... write us :-)


How to be sure the system is working properly?

While developing new features, we are facing one problem. We do not have realtime data, because these data are continuously created at the customers factory. The programmer, sitting behind his laptop, does not have these data. Yet, he has to create the new functionality, that uses these data.
For this purpose, we developed a software, that is simulating the machine. We set the conditions, and are expecting, that results will meet these conditions.
If so, we can be pretty sure the code is written orderly. If not, there is a big probability we have a problem in our code.
But why are you reading about this?
Because... to let you know we are still trying to think "outside the box", still trying to make our work better and better. For you to be satisfied.


SNMP communication

There are many devices in the world, that uses SNMP as a protocol for communication with the rest of the world. You can imagine devices like thermometers, moisture meters, and other ...meters.
We added a SNMP functionality into our system, so every data you are measuring are saved. You can observe trends, compare information with other devices and make statistics.
So, every time you see SNMP, you can be sure, we can handle it.


Zapsi goes multi-language

Zapsi Web is now avaliable in english with multilanguage support.
By using file disctionary, there is an easy possibility to translate Zapsi Web to every language possible in mater of hours.
Zapsi Web is now in czech and english language. German, slovak and polish languages are "work in progress".


New product ... by the way

There are two things we need to make Zapsi working. Electricity and ethernet. So every device needs ethernet cable and 24VDC.
When possible, we use POE - power over ethernet. In cases, where POE is not possible, we developed a ned device, that server as an intermediate link. So POE is finally available everywhere.
So there is, at the end, only one cable connected.